About Us

Company History

While perhaps the most dubious of distinctions, rubbish removal in Central and South Central Connecticut is synonymous with the Morrow family name.

Family patriarch Ben Morrow launched his eponymous trash service in the 1940s to serve the growing post-war Guilford community, and later changed the name to Ben Morrow & Sons when son Richard Morrow joined his father’s business as a teenager.

Following in his dad’s footsteps as an entrepreneur in his own right, Richard struck out on his own at age 21. He purchased a truck and started his own route in the Guilford area. What was originally named the Richard E. Morrow Trash Service in the mid-1960s eventually evolved to American Carting Company in the late 1970s.

At the same time, Ben sold his company to his wife, Viola, who ran the business as Guilford Trash Service for several years before selling the company to her son Richard in the late 1970s. As a result, Richard consolidated all of the family routes into his own company, thereby expanding and elevating American Carting Company to the premiere trash pickup service in the Connecticut shore area – a legacy that lasts to this day.


To provide superior customer service, promote the efficacy of recycling, and give back to the local community through philanthropic efforts.

Our Staff

Richard Morrow, President

Richard Morrow is a second-generation hauler with more than 50 years’ experience in rubbish removal in the Town of Guilford, Conn., and surrounding communities. He has dedicated his life to continuing the business that his father started more than 75 years ago while keeping the shoreline and the communities we call home clean. Richard enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and a stable of show horses.

earlheadshotEarl Morrow, Director of Business Development

Richard’s son Earl is the third generation of the Morrow family to join the business. A United States Naval Academy graduate, Earl served our nation’s military for five years as a submarine officer, completing his service as a lieutenant in 2008. His post-military career includes eight years of sales and marketing experience with Johnson & Johnson.

As Director of Business Development, Earl strategizes route and revenue growth by identifying, creating, and implementing new opportunities via marketing, sales, contracting, social media, and community involvement. He is a student of martial arts, specifically the judo discipline, and enjoys flying helicopters in his free time.

Community Involvement

Guilford Wrestling Program

At American Carting Company, we value the core principles of hard work, responsibility and service. It’s the foundation of all we do, and it is our mission to promote and enhance these characteristics within the community. We understand firsthand that one of the most important factors in a young wrestler’s development is as much what they do during the season as what they do in the off-season – which is why we’ve created an annual scholarship to support Guilford wrestlers in their off-season development.

Susan G. Komen Organization

American Carting Company supports breast cancer education, screening, and treatment programs. Due to the particular prevalence of breast cancer within our region, our company provides financial support to qualified research organizations and allows our customers to opt for a pink trash bin to further raise awareness.